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Scope of Work (formerly The Prepared)

Artifacts of time passing in botanical drawings, lunar maps, buildings, and manufactured objects (Notes, 2023-02-20)

Ground source heat pumps and shallow geothermal (Notes, 2022-12-12)

“Local Neon,” September 2022

Learning from the landscape of New Mexico, making Miyake’s pleats, and evaluating new technologies' role in climate justice (Notes, 2022-08-22)


Reliquiae Vol. 10  (Spring 2022)

3 poems (excerpt)


The New Farmer’s Almanac

“Making Buildings Out of Places,” Volume V, January 2021



Achieving Zero,” January 2020


The Atlantic

The Language of Apology in Layli Long Soldier’s Whereas,” April 2017

Ada Limon’s ‘State Bird’ and the Two-Body Problem,” April 2017



Poems That Show How Gentrification is Personal,” April 2017

Reimagining Retail Carts for Street Vendors,” April 2017

The New Podcast Spotlighting NYC’s Street Musicians,” March 2017

Seattle Considers Giving Renters a Formal Voice at City Hall,” March 2017

In Vancouver, a Climate Program That’s All About the Neighbors,” February 2017

Drop in to Luxurious Urban Oases in the Sky,” February 2017

For Muslim Americans, a Call to Public Service,” February 2017

Enshrining the Sites of the Struggle for Civil Rights,” January 2017

The Racial Gap in Education is Slowly Shrinking,” January 2017

A Growing Seattle Goes All In On Transit,” January 2017

Portland’s Answer to Climate Denial? Local Action: An Interview with Mayor Charlie Hales,” December 2016

Portland Does Away With Demolition for Its Oldest Homes,” November 2016

To Map Crisis Zones, Humanitarian Groups Turn to the Crowd,” October 2016

In the Southwest, the Best Tacos Are Flat, Fried, and Puffy,” October 2016

In Santa Fe, Tradition and Identity Clash Over an Annual Festival,” September 2016

James Baldwin’s Cities,” August 2016

Chronicling the Turbulent History of Boston’s Chinatown,” July 2016


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